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Project Coordination

One of our core business objectives is to support training, provide individuals with the opportunities to access it & the support they require to complete it & progress.

We have worked in partnership over a number of years with Further Education Colleges & Private Sector Training Providers, in the delivery of projects, to provide intensive training, advice, guidance, work experience & mentoring programmes, customised to the needs of the individual.

Since the formation of TOPPS we have built upon existing relationships with a range of training providers.

Reductions in levels of alternative funding for project-based activity have caused TOPPS to consider options & opportunities for us to support mainstream activities. Our discussions with employers & training providers highlighted specific issues, needs & opportunities.

Through our excellent links with employers & our flexible approach to support individuals, we are able to offer training providers invaluable support in the form of:

  • Recruitment / Referral functions to programmes of training,
  • Initial assessment, interviews & screening,
  • Delivery of our First Insight programme as part of the advice & guidance process,
  • Establish work placement & employment opportunities for Apprentices / trainees that require such support,
  • Undertake on-site reviews with Apprentices & employer briefings.

These services are designed to support & enhance programmes such as Apprenticeships & Entry to Employment, as well as core mainstream training.

These services can be delivered as stand alone support measures to meet a specific need or as a comprehensive package, as part of project delivery in the form of Project Coordination.

Although our extensive experience in project delivery has been centred on the construction industry, the core elements of the support available are transferable to all sectors.

For example we have undertaken similar work within the Retail, Hospitality, Catering & Tourism sectors, in partnership with BHSL Group.

“TOPPS has provided BHSL group with a range of support services, including delivery support for our project based activity, through beneficiary support & work placement establishment.” We have found them to be “Always professional in their approach & delivery & reliable in delivering outputs & support.”

“In working with disadvantaged groups, in particular unemployed individuals from Black & Minority Ethnic backgrounds, we have found TOPPS staff to be sensitive to the needs of the target groups & effective in engaging & supporting their needs & development.”
Vicky Sherrey (Director – BHSL Group)

Many projects & funding sources require elements of added value, which can be in the form of work experience, mentoring support, industry related advice & guidance & customised training. Since 1997 TOPPS staff have been engaged in these & other project coordination activities.

TOPPS has established a portfolio of Coordination & Delivery activities that are available either as a package or individually to support project programme delivery, for a range of target groups, sectors & industries.

Services include:

  • establishing & monitoring work placements,
  • delivery of customised programmes of support,
  • Individual Reviews
  • Delivery of sector specific Information, Advice & Guidance.

Occasionally within projects we arrange residential based activities to support personal, social & team skills development.

TOPPS offers services either in the form of:

  • Freelance project support to operate or support these project functions on behalf of the contract holder.
  • Consultancy based services to support the development of skills & systems for the contract holder.

Examples of our Track Record of Project Coordination

  • Rover Taskforce – Undertaking Construction Careers & Training advice, guidance & signposting for former employees of the MG Rover Group. This required a sensitive, yet realistic approach to ensure that individuals’ needs were met.
  • Building Health hub – Supporting the development of the new super-hospital in Birmingham, we have delivered a series of CSCS training & advice programmes for unemployed people wishing to take up employment in the Construction Industry, linked to the hospital development.
  • Construction Assessor Development Programme (EQUAL Project) – Recruiting, signposting & supporting former construction industry tradesmen & existing tradesmen (approaching retirement or retired through injury). The project provided access to training to enable participants to gain accreditation for their skills & qualifications to enable them to pass on these skills to the next generation of tradesmen, as qualified trainers & assessors.
  • BHSL / Accent on Training – Recruiting, supporting, establishing & monitoring progress on work placements for individuals who are long term unemployed. Work centred on supporting individuals to access employment within the Customer Service, Hospitality & Tourism sectors.
  • Building Skills for the Community project - Recruiting, supporting, establishing & monitoring progress on work placements, for young people, from a range of disadvantaged groups. The project centred on the Construction Industry, providing intensive support measures to support individuals to achieve & progress. These included: full time staff support for individuals to overcome personal, training & placement issues as they arise; support to access to employment opportunities; economic & practical support measures to encourage participation, development, progression & achievement in the form of travel passes, training allowances, tools, protective equipment & a residential activity.
  • South Birmingham College (Apprentice Reviews) – Supporting the College’s Apprentice onsite assessment process, by undertaking onsite Apprentice reviews to monitor individual progress.

If you are interested in finding out more or exploring opportunities of how TOPPS can support your organisational/project please contact us.

Telephone / Fax: 0121 421 5514
or email us info@topps-managementandsupport.co.uk

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