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First Insight to Onsite

First Insight to On-site is a one day induction to the world of Construction.

The programme has been developed through extensive consultation with employers & trainers within the industry.

It is a programme designed to provide appropriate industry advice & guidance, for those seeking to enter the construction industry.

The programme is intended for anyone interested in taking up employment or training within the Construction Industry & is ideal for:

  • Young People at School, who are reviewing their subject options or seeking careers guidance about construction related trades & careers.
  • Young People at College, who are in Full Time FE training (especially those seeking to take up apprenticeships).
  • Unemployed individuals who are seeking employment in the industry.
  • Employed individuals who are seeking a career change in construction.

The programme delivery can be customised, as appropriate, to ensure relevant participant needs are met. Essentially we recognise, that the needs of those still at school & considering training & employment progression options are different from adults who may be in training, unemployed or considering a career change.

Participants can be of any age (from 14+), ethnic origin or sex & be unemployed or employed.

Content of the programme builds upon the needs of employers within the industry & issues that individuals will face when working within the industry.

The programme covers key issues such as Health & Safety, CSCS, employers & employee expectations, rights & responsibilities, teamwork & on-site working conditions. Content of the programme is both realistic & comprehensive to ensure individuals get a real Insight into the Construction Industry & to dispel common myths & misconceptions.

The programme is designed to take one full day, which includes a visit to a real Construction site.

TOPPS can also arrange transportation to the site, relevant protective clothing & refreshments for the day’s delivery as part of this as necessary.

Why choose TOPPS - First Insight to Onsite?

“Young People coming into Construction training do not fully understand what the industry is about. This programme explains the reality of site, as well as employer & industry requirements.”

Ivor Williams ( Dudley College – Lecturer)

The First Insight programme gives "Real Insight into the reality of the construction industry sharpens the awareness of the skills and qualities individuals need for a successful career choice in construction and the importance of training and nationally recognised qualification."

Linda Hutchings (Connexions Personal Advisor).

If you are interested in finding out more or exploring opportunities of how First Insight can be delivered to support you or individuals / groups that you work with please contact us.

Telephone / Fax: 0121 421 5514
or email us info@topps-managementandsupport.co.uk

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