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Project Evaluation

As part of our extensive experience of project management & delivery we have developed significant understanding of the requirements of, & gained significant experience in delivering Evaluation & Reviews for a number & variety of projects & programmes. Evaluation is integral & essential to the majority of projects funded through alternative funding sources.

Our evaluation focus is:

  • Undertaken in a positive way,
  • Designed to support organisations to develop & improve the effectiveness & efficiency of operational & delivery systems.
  • Designed to make recommendations for service provision that both enhance the experience of the service user & the image of the provider with the service users, funding providers & within industry.

We undertake this activity on a national scale.

Track Record
Our work to date has incorporated the management, delivery & evaluation of a number of programmes that have been specifically designed to support individuals from various backgrounds, including individuals who are employed, disadvantaged, hard to reach groups (such as BMEs, long term unemployed, young people & those who are disabled).

Examples of this work include:

  • Hephaestus 2000 – Delivering training to support the employment of Disabled people, providing information, advice & guidance to employers regarding the DDA & associated issues, as well as training for professionals. Mid & Final Evaluation Reports were produced.
  • Promoting Engineering Skills - Delivering training & support measures to engage & develop skills among dis-engaged young people & supporting them to positive employment outcomes in Engineering. Mid & Final Evaluation Reports were produced.
  • Rover Taskforce – Undertaking advice, guidance & signposting for former employees of the MG Rover Group. This required a sensitive, yet realistic approach to ensure that individual needs were met. This delivery incorporated ongoing evaluation & review to ensure continuous improvement, appropriateness of the response for the client, effectiveness & efficiency of the delivery.
  • Building Health – Supporting the development of the new super-hospital in Birmingham, we have delivered a series of training & advice programmes for unemployed people wishing to take up employment in the Construction Industry, linked to the development. Each programme incorporated individual programme reviews. Mid & final evaluation reports were also produced.

Our experience of work across the West Midlands, with a wide spectrum of target groups, understanding & ability to assess needs of different industries & sectors, understanding of the needs of specific target groups, knowledge & experience of the Education sector, provides us with an excellent grounding & track record in undertaking evaluations for projects such as these.

Our working methodologies are flexible, enabling us to work with & be sensitive to individuals with different needs, from various disadvantaged backgrounds, whilst enabling us to meet the needs & time restraints placed upon project delivery & management staff.

At the same time we have a good understanding of the needs of the private sector & adopt a professional, yet flexible approach to ensure that the needs of different types of organisation can be met effectively & efficiently.

Sample Evaluation Outline:
Measuring the work and impact of a project at its mid-way & final points.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of programmes in terms of design and delivery.
  • Evaluating different approaches and comparisons across providers in relation to quality, consistency & support provided
  • Appropriateness of programmes
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the project sponsor & key partners relating to staffing & support for beneficiaries
  • Work experience placements (as appropriate).
  • Added Value activities such as the support measures provided.

Our approach to evaluation is to focus upon qualitative aspects of programme delivery & management, to measure the appropriateness, effectiveness & efficiency of programmes, systems, tools, staff, organisations & partnerships in meeting the needs of those that the programme is intended for.

We utilise quantitative, measurable outputs & milestones against those planned as an indicator as to the position of a project overall. We then support this by undertaking face-to-face interviews with beneficiaries, project delivery staff, tutors, mentors, project management staff from within delivery & management partners & any other relevant organisations, community representatives or individuals, as well as those funding the programme itself.

If you are interested in finding out more or exploring opportunities of how TOPPS can support you, your project please contact us.

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