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Equality of Opportunity

TOPPS Management & Support Services Ltd is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all in terms of both employment & training opportunities. Our policy outlines our commitment to ensure equality of opportunity irrespective of sex, race, creed or disability, through our recruitment, selection and grievance procedures. The fundamental principle is openness and transparency.

As an organisation we are committed to complying with the Disability Discrimination Act & have worked extensively with local Disability organisations to develop policies & programmes for employers & disabled people.

Our programmes actively support and promote equality and diversity through a series of embedded actions, underpinned by policies and actions that support equal opportunities. The design & implementation of delivery, in working with disadvantaged groups, embeds equality of opportunity for all and social inclusion as the fundamental ethos that underpins our whole delivery framework.

We undertake a series of Positive Actions to overcome barriers to participation, disadvantage & ensure equality of opportunity for all, including:

  • Mobility and access of venues & facilities for all participants, Training that is located and timed to meet trainee needs, and required support measures in place as appropriate. We ensure that venues both for learning and work experience placements are accessible.
  • Tutors are sensitive to the power of language and the materials that we use are equality proofed.
  • We collect and collate information to monitor our performance in line with continuous improvement.
  • We ensure that organisations that we work with & supporting the delivery are committed to equality of opportunity.
  • Data collected & collated in respect of individuals undertaking training & support including data on equality of opportunity, is collected in line with the Data Protection Act.
  • We ensure that all our staff undertake regular review, monitoring and appraisal and have in service training opportunities as part of our continuous development programme.
  • All our programmes have on going review and remediation functions in place to improve retention and satisfaction levels for participants.
  • Programmes are designed to be flexible in terms of delivery content to take account of differing cultural & target group needs.
  • We also obtain, monitor and review the views of employers and benchmark our activity against other providers to ensure content remains up-to-date & relevant, & is constantly updated to ensure quality.

All of our programmes incorporate measures, which actively address gender stereo-typing and promote participation from under-represented groups within specific sectors.
Hair dressing trainee on work experience.

If you wish to discuss ways in which TOPPS may be able to support you or your organisation, either in the delivery of your current work or in developing new work, then please contact us on:

Telephone / Fax: 0121 421 5514
or email us info@topps-managementandsupport.co.uk

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