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Bid Writing

TOPPS develops & writes project applications for alternative funding, on behalf of our partners, on a consultancy basis & for TOPPS directly.

Our track record in applying for alternative funding sources can be traced back to 1997. Our employees & associates have extensive experience & success in making applications for funding, & knowledge of the requirements of a variety of funding sources.

Since 1997 we have been successful in developing & having approved projects from a variety of sources including:

ESF Objectives 2, 3 & 4

  • ESF Community Initiatives (Youthstart, Horizon & EQUAL)
  • ERDF
  • ESF Co-financing - LSC Co-financing Objectives 2 & 3
  • ESF Co-financing - Jobcentre Plus Co-financing
  • ESF Co-financing - Local Authority Co-financing
  • New Deal for Communities (various across the UK)
  • Fair Cities

For the period 1997 to December 2006 we have been involved in the development of projects from all of these sources. Our success rate, during this sustained period of time is more than 91%.

Our success means that we have developed & maintain repeat business for this service with a number of external organisations.

TOPPS also offers services to organisations that have been successful in obtaining such funding. Our employees are experienced in the delivery of projects & have an excellent understanding of the requirements for project monitoring (financial & output related) & management process.

For further details on these post approval services please see:

  • Evaluation
  • Project Management & Monitoring support
  • Project Coordination (including individual support & work placement)

If you are interested in finding out more or exploring opportunities of how TOPPS can support you or your organisation to develop/manage such projects please contact us.

Telephone / Fax: 0121 421 5514
or email us info@topps-managementandsupport.co.uk

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